Laptop Keyboard Digital inclusion

Over 9 million adults in the UK don't use the Internet, potentially leaving them digitally, socially and financially excluded.

This is why NIACE welcomed ‘Manifesto for a networked nation', promoted by the champion for digital inclusion, Martha Lane Fox who leads the Race Online initiative. NIACE supports action to ensure all people, especially the most disadvantaged, are able to benefit from new technologies.

Those who are not online are older, in lower income brackets, and are less likely to have formal qualifications. It is estimated that households can save around £500 a year by being online, and one in three internet users say they use the web for learning and finding information online.

NIACE is working with partners to address digital exclusion in a number of projects across the country. These projects are seeking effective solutions that address the needs of particular groups, whether they are problems of access and connectivity, fears about safety or lack of confidence and skills. We also run an annual conference looking at the issues of digital inclusion in relation to adult learning.