generic photo of learners Family Learning

Family learning supports parents, grandparents, carers and other family members to be an active part of their children's learning, as well as becoming learners themselves. It includes many different types of activities and takes place in locations as varied as schools, children's centres, museums and libraries.


NIACE’s vision of a learning family is one where every member is a lifelong learner in their own right. Family members of all ages are involved in each other’s learning activities and encourage each other. This helps to raise aspirations and create a long-term change in the culture of the family and patterns of learning. The combination of adults and children learning is crucial in building resilience in families, in creating community well-being, economic prosperity and social cohesion.

Family learning at NIACE

NIACE aims to shape strategy and support practice in family learning. We work with a variety of organisations to demonstrate how family learning contributes to many different agendas and goals. We work with:

We advocate for the role that family learning can play in policy areas as diverse as:

Over the years, we have built up a substantial body of resources and projects which have helped to move the family learning agenda forward. Keep up to date with our work through this website, and our family learning team updates.

We are currently developing the Centre for the Learning Family, as a space for professionals and researchers from across multiple disciplines to come together around the concept of the learning family.