Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement

What are we aiming to achieve?

The RARPA process was devised as a framework for ensuring that progress and achievement could be evidenced for learners and teachers in learning where there is no formal accreditation.

NIACE’s work in this field identified that there are many paper free methods of conducting initial, formative and summative assessment. We want to  ensure that learners have access to a wide range of methods of tracking their progress. Methods which are flexible fit for purpose and inspirational rather than  bureaucratic.   

These include:

  • Video and audio recordings of learners’ self assessment
  • Video and audio recordings of learners performing a skill
  • Digital photographs illustrating products of learning linked to reflective writing or speaking about the process
  • Use of blogs
  • E portfolios

How will we do this work?

We built this work results of action research projects in the field

Who is this work for?

This work is to improve the learning experiences of adults by raising skill and understanding of teachers

What have we accomplished to date?

The work has been crystallised in a publication and associated training course called Signalling Success.

What is (or will be) the impact of this work?

This work is intended to make the recording progress non intrusive but rather a seamless part of the learning process

Contact Information

Joyce Black