Strong and professional IfL will benefit adult learners Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 09:31

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NIACE welcomes today's statement issued by the Institute for Learning (IfL), trade unions and employers in the sector concerning the future development of IfL as a professional body.

Peter Lavender, NIACE Deputy Chief Executive, said:

"In recent months it has appeared possible that the hard-won benefits of having a body dedicated to raising standards of teaching and training could have been placed in jeopardy following the withdrawal of direct public finding."

"NIACE, and the sector, have long highlighted the benefits for employees and employers of licences to practise. In the Further Education sector there is no doubt that learners' interests are best served by having teachers, tutors and trainers committed to maintaining and extending high standards and continuing their professional development."

"At a time when Government is exploring the benefits of more widespread occupational licensing, it would have been an own-goal if further education and training staff could not agree a self-regulated arrangement for their own sector."

John Hayes, Minister for Further education, Skills & Lifelong Learning, said:

"By bringing together representatives of colleges, the IfL and the Unions - all of whom have approached the matter with the upmost professionalism and good sense - I am delighted to have been able to play a part in facilitating these discussions. So I am immensely pleased with the positive outcome of these meetings."

"Upholding a professional, qualified and regulated teaching workforce in Further Education is vitally important to the health of the sector, as is an independent, professional membership body that is both accountable and relevant to its members. Because the growing stature and status of Further Education and all those who work and learn in our colleges and training organisations, is at the heart of government policy."

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