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One turns to Studies to challenge one’s thinking, keep abreast of questions in contemporary issues of practice and policy facing us all in Lifelong Learning.

Tara Fenwick, University of Alberta

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Published twice a year - Spring and Autumn

Studies in the Education of Adults is an international refereed academic journal, publishing theoretical, empirical and historical studies from all sectors of post-initial education and training. It aims to provide a forum for the debate and development of key concepts.

Each issue normally contains 6-8 refereed articles on academic topics in the education of adults, an editorial and a substantial book review section.

Studies in the Education of Adults is published by NIACE in association with the Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA) and the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA).

Current issue

Volume 46 Number 1, Spring 2014

Editorial: Are we thinking dialectically enough?, Jim Crowther

Learning on the margins of adult education: Self-help reading about health, relationships and career success, Scott McLean

Adult play-learning: Observing informal family education at a science museum, Peeranut Kanhadilok and Mike Williams

Rational and professional, or emotional and 'good enough': Parents negotiating the meaning of parenthood within a parent education programme, Ulrika Widding

Changing conceptualisations of literacy and numeracy in lean production training: Two case studies of manufacturing companies, Stephen Black, Keiko Yasukawa and Tony Brown

Training by the dashboard lights: Police training officers' perspectives, Mark A. Tyler and William E. McKenzie

Positioning further education and community colleges: Text, teachers and students as global discourse, Carol Azumah Dennis

Book reviews

Top article downloads

At 29 April 2014, the most downloaded full-text articles in the last 12 months from IngentaConnect were:

  1. Agency and learning in the lifecourse: Towards an ecological perspective, Gert Biesta and Michael Tedder. Vol 39 No 2 (83 downloads)
  2. Enlightened publics: Popular education movements in Europe, their legacy and promise, Tom Steele. Vol 42 No 2 (82 downloads)
  3. The significance of individual biography in workplace learning, Phil Hodkinson et al. Vol 36 No 1 (65 downloads)
  4. Learning behind bars: time to liberate prison education, Phil Bayliss. Vol 35 No 2 (61 downloads)
  5. Critiquing workplace learning discourses: Participation and continuity at work, Stephen Billett. Vol 34 No 1 (47 downloads)
  6. The 'double face' of lifelong learning: Two analytical perspectives on a 'silent revolution', Peter Alheit and Bettina Dausien. Vol 34 No 1 (46 downloads)
  7. Knowing me, knowing you: The rise of therapeutic professionalism in the education of adults, Kathryn Ecclestone, Dennis Hayes and Frank Furedi. Vol 37 No 2 (44 downloads)
  8. 'How to be good': media representations of parenting, Lisselot Assarsson and Pål Aarsand. Vol 43 No 1 (33 downloads)
  9. Have lifelong learning and emancipation still something to say to each other?, Gert Biesta. Vol 44 No 1 (31 downloads)
  10. Adult literacy and numeracy, social capital, learner identities and self-confidence, Lyn Tett and Kathy Maclachlan.Vol 39 No 2 (29 downloads)

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